Final Evaluation: 19-26th Aug, 2019

Ezequiel A. Pássaro

Project: “Expansion of the TARDIS Atomic Database”
Organization: The Python Software Foundation – TARDIS-SN
Mentors: Wolfgang E. Kerzendorf, Christian Vogl, Andreas Flörs


TARDIS is a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code for simulating supernovae spectra. The associated package Carsus retrieves atomic data from multiple sources and stores it into an SQL database. It also takes care of making atomic files suitables for TARDIS.

During the last three months I’ve been working alongside the TARDIS team. It was an incredible opportunity to learn about open source software development and improving my coding skills.

The work I did on these two packages during this summer can be summarized in the following way:

1. List of merged pull requests

2. List of open pull requests*

3. What’s left to do?

In order to have atomic files identical to the ones obtained with the Carsus SQL database, we need to add the Chianti source.

* Pull requests still open at 26/8/2019. A complete list of PRs made during the entire GSoC 2019 period can be found here.